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1961 Enrolled at Indiana University having graduated from Oakland City High School when I believe a divine clock started to tick for me and many Jewish people. In my sixth year following my high school graduation, in June fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth and tenth, the Six-day War occurred where Israel destroyed the Egyptian Air Force in a preemptive strike and "Jerusalem was no longer stomped down by gentiles" (Luke 21:24). And just four years after that the book below under the publishing date 1974, Everything You Need to Grow A Messianic Synagogue, was researched starting in 1971 when the crucial passage in Act chapter 21 was translated. Because after 1967, instead of one or two Jewish people coming to faith, there were hundreds of congregations of Jewish people coming to faith, and this 1974 book told them "Look don't follow Paul's (church planting) example (see Galatians 2:9 on the proper Shliach congregation planting specialization); follow the example of Yaakov the Shliach who had a Messianic Synagogue in Jerusalem and these Jews were zealous for the Torah and they lived a Jewish lifestyle, they did not assimilate and the synagogues were very Jewish, and they saw Moshiach in every verse of the Torah (Luke 24:44). And that's why they were so zealous for the Torah. They believed in the Moshiach (Acts 21:20). And so they said, "Rav Shaul you have to go to the Temple and show that you're still a practicing Jew and you have to leave us to keep doing what we're doing which is proliferating messianic synagogues!" (see Acts chapter 21.) So this book was researched in my tenth year after high school which was four years after the Six Day War and God was timing the publication of this book, I believe, and that's why when I got out of high school there were ten long years before I became a believer because Hashem wanted to wait because He knew that when my salvation preacher Myron Taylor picked up the phone and called Donald McGavran "Hey I've got a young man here I want to send over to the seminary" at that exact moment, Hashem arranged and timed that this book would come through McGavran. And that's why it (my salvation) was timed the way it was.

Donald McGavran arrives in Pasadena, California



Began translating what became THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE and not long after sat under the Revival teaching of J Edwin Orr which prepared him for a Jewish revival that came shortly thereafter


Began preaching like this and this and this in the open air with Open Air Campaigners in front of the main movie theatre at 961 Broxton in Westwood Village to UCLA students in Los Angeles, California.


Publication of Everything You Need To Grow A Messianic Synagogue, Pasadena, California (watch the YouTube video that deals with this book)


Doctoral finished, Messianic Judaism: A Biblical Apologetic with a View to Liturgical Reform


Periodical article (missiology) published, Reaching Jews through Messianic Synagogues May 19, 1975 was a very hot day on Miami Beach. The Holy Spirit was speaking to me (Acts 8:29) that hot day! Just as He was telling Philip the mevaser to speak to the Ethiopian Eunuch, so He was telling this “Philip” to go evangelize a man nine feet out in the Atlantic Ocean, an Orthodox Jewish bather named Art Raymond who was standing in the Miami Beach water up to his neck. I’m talking about New York City WEVD Radio personality Art Raymond who died many years later in Boynton Beach, where the Lord checked me into the Wishing Well motel with 23 cents in my pocket. So I witnessed to Art in Miami Beach. And a week later I was in his 1975 black Cadillac surveying a vast unreached Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish virgin field in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Then later that same day in 1975, out at Laguardia Airport, getting ready to fly back to Miami Beach, a messianic Jewish leader named Richard Briefstein was weeping and describing to me a prophetic dream, a prophetic vision, where in the dream he saw these Orthodox Jewish people burning in the EISH OLAM (“eternal fire” Jude verse 7) with no fire truck around, with whole Yiddish-speaking Jewish shtetl neighborhoods burning in Brooklyn and no fire truck responding, no believer caring, even though these are the Moshiach's own unsaved relatives perishing in the flames of hell’s eternal holocaust. Now nearly 50 years later what Richard Briefstein was urgently begging from me as he told me his dream is finally ready because in Miami on Yom Kippur Monday, September 25, 2023, the Hasidic Yiddish Bible was archived and licensed by YouVersion App (1/2 billion app installs worldwide. O if you would only catch the vision I was given in May of 1975 in New York City when I was 32 years old. O if you would only RUN like a prayer warrior to your prayer closet and pray because I want to assure you that Richard Briefstein’s vision was from the Holy Spirit in May, 1975, and “though the vision delay, wait for it, for it will certainly come and will not delay.“ (Habakkuk 2:3) Do you love Yiddish?. -- Your free Bible is here OJB.pdf THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE
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