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Abaddon, (Destruction)

abba (Father)

ach (brother)

acharit (last)

Acharonim (last ones)

Achavah B'Moshiach

(Brotherhood in Moshiach)

achayot (sisters)

achdus (unity)

achei sheker (false brothers)

acheinu (our brother)

achim (brothers)

achot (sister)

achoteinu (our sister)

achraius (accountability)

achyon (nephew)

ad kdeikach (so much)

ad kahn (sufficient for the

purpose, enough)

ad mosai (how much longer)

Adam (one man / humanity


Adam HeChadash (the new


Adam Chadash Echad (One

New Humanity)

adamah tova (good ground)

adamah (ground)

Adamah (Mud)

Adat HaEl Chai (the Community

of the Living G-d)

Adat Hashem (Congregation of


Aderaba (to the contrary)

admat kodesh (holy ground)

Adon HaKatzir (the L-rd of the


Adonai echad ("G-d is

one"--DEVARIM 6:4)

Adoneynu (our l-rd/L-rd)

adonim (masters)

Adonoi Tzivos (L-rd of armies)

agalim (bulls)

Agam HaEish (Lake of Fire)

agape (love)

aggadot (stories, philosophical


agmat nefesh (grief)

agudah (bound together, union)

ahavah (love, agape)

ahavah shel achvah (brotherly


ahavas hakesef (love of money)

ahavas Hashem (G-d's love)

Ahavas HaEmes (Love of the


ahavat ta'anugot (hedonism)

airusin (betrothal, engagement)

aizen (well-founded,


akama (quite a number)

akedah (binding)

akrabim (scorpions)

akrav (scorpion)

al-killayon (incorruptibility)

al kol panim (nevertheless)

al menat (in order that)

al pnei hamayim (on the surface

of the waters)

al taarotz (do not be afraid)

aliyah (ascent)

aliyah leregel (pilgrimage)

almanah (widow)

almanot (widows)

almot (virgins)

als (since)

alter (old)

am (people)

amal (toil)

ammud (pillar)

Ammudei HaKehillah (Pillars of

the Kehillah)

amol (formerly)

amolike times (olden times)

ana'fim (the branches)

anan (cloud)

Anan Edim (Cloud of Witnesses)

ananim (clouds)

anashim ne'emanim (faithful


anashim (men)

anav (humble)

anavah (meekness, humility)

anavat ruach (a spirit of


Ani Ma'amin hoda'ah


aniyim (poor)

anochiyut (selfishness)

anshuldiks (pardon)

Apikoros (skeptic, unbeliever)

Apikorosim (Unbelievers)

arain getun (engrossed)

arayot (lions)

arba'ah (four)

Arbah Chayyot (Four living


arba'im (forty)

arbaa asar (fourteen)

arbaat elafim (four thousand)

arbah pinot ha'aretz (the four

corners of the earth)

arbaim yom varbaim lailah

(forty days and forty nights)

arbe, arbeh (locusts)

arelim (uncircumcised ones)

aron met (coffin)

aron otzaram (chest of treasury)

arye (lion)

asach (a lot of)

asam (barn)

asarah (ten)

ashem (guilty)

ashir (oisher, rich man)

ashirim (rich ones)

ashirut (riches)

ashma, ashmah (guilt, a thing of

guilt /condemnation)

ashrey, ashrei (happy, blessed)

asim (barns, granaries)

asir (prisoner)

asur (prohibited, impermissible)

atarah atarot (crown[s] )

Ateret HaKavod (Crown of


AteretHaChayyim (Crown of

Life) ,

atzamot (bones)

Atzav (idol, image)

atzilah (noble birth)

atzlanit (sluggards)

atzlut (lazy idleness)

Av HaRoeh b'seter (Father Who

Sees in secret)

av sela (bed rock)

Avaddon (destruction, hell,


avadim (servants, slaves)

avanim (stones)

avdut (slavery, bondage)

avel (iniquity/gross injustice)

avelim (mourners)

avelut (mourning)

averah (transgression)

averos (sins)

Avi-khol (Father of all)

Avinu (our Father)

avla, avlah (injustice)

avodah zarah (idol worship)

avodas (work)

avodas kodesh (worship, service)

avodot hakodesh (ministries)

avon (sin offense)

Avot (the Patriarchs, Fathers)

Avoteinu (our Fathers)

ayin (eye)

ayin horo (evil eye)

ayir (young donkey)

aza (certain)

azivah (abandonment)


B'avon (in sin)

b'derech hatevah (naturally)

b'nei (sons)

b'seder (in order)

b'seter (in secret) .

b'shem hazeh (in this name) .

b'yirah (with fear)

ba'al (husband, master)

ba'al gaavah (haughty, proud


ba'alim (husbands)

ba'al tzavva'a (testator, person

who makes the will)

Baal HaKerem (Owner of the


Baal Bayit (master of the house)

baalei hamum (the maimed)

ba'al melitzot (rhetorician, fine


baderech (on the road)

bahlt (soon)

bailus (sovereignty, ownership,


bais (house)

baitel (wallet)

bakkashot (petitions)

bakosha (petition, request)

balailah hazeh (during this night)

baleidikung (insult)

bamidbar (in the wilderness)

banim (children)

bannai chacham (wise builder)

barad (hail)

barah (created)

barei lev (pure in heart)

bari vshalem (safe and sound)

bariim (healthy ones)

Bar Mitzvah (i.e. has reached his

majority, his legal


baruch (blessed is)

Baruch Habah (welcome)

basar echad (one flesh)

basar (body, flesh, fallen human


basherte (his destined mate)

baShomayim (heavenly bodies)

bat kol (a voice from heaven)

bat (daughter)

batim (households)

batlanim (unemployed or lazy

loafers, idlers)

bavorn (anticipates)

bavust (famous)

Bayit (House)

bazunder (unrelated and


be'einei Hashem (in the eyes of


be'ichud (united)

be'ikvot (in the footsteps)

BE'ITO ("in its

season"TEHILLIM 1:3)

bechi (weeping)

bechirah (divine election,

selection, choosing)

Bechirim (Chosen Ones)

Bechor (Firstborn)

bechorah (inheritance)

bedavka (deliberately)

bederech klal (usually)

bedieved (begrudgingly)

bedievedike (expedient)

bedikah (examination)

beemes (in truth)

beerech (approximately, dacht


beetzem (intrinsically)

befeirush (explicitly)

begadim (clothes)

behechrach (necessarily)

beit kevarot (cemetery)

beit hasohar (prison)

bekavod (suitable)

bekeshe (kaftan)

bekitzur (briefly, concisely)

bekvius (regularly)

beleidikt (offended)

ben (son)

ben chorin (freeman)

ben yachid (only son)

ben Adam (human being)

ben hanaggar (the carpenter's


Ben HaAdam (Moshiach, Daniel


ben chayil (son of worthiness)

Ben Torah (scholar)

beni (my son)

beni haahuv (beloved son)

benoigeia (regarding)

bentsh (custom of saying grace

after meals)

bereshis (in the beginning)

Beriah (Creation)

berishonah (in the first place)

berit (covenant)

beritot (covenants)

beriyah (creature)

beseder (in order)

besere (better)

beshita (as a matter of conviction

or principle)

beshum oifen (absolutely)

besod (in secret)

Besuroh Tovoh (Good Tidings

of a Joyous Event)

Besuras HaGeulah (the Good

News of Redemption)

Bet HaKnesset (House of

Assembly, shul, synagogue,


Bet Din (Court of Law)

betulim (virginity)

betulot (virgins)

betzi'at halechem (breaking of

bread, meal)

beytzah (egg)

Bias HaMoshiach (Coming of

Moshiach, Parousia)

bibrit hanissuim (in covenant of


bichlal (entirely)

bifraht (particularly)

bikkur cholim (visiting the sick)

bikkurim (first-fruits)

bikoret beshbonot (audit)

bimesibba (reclining at tish)

binah (understanding)

binnuy (construction)

binyan (building)

biradah (trembling)

bishmi (in my name)

bitachon (confident trust)

Biti (my daughter)

bizyoinos (humiliation)

blailah (at night)

bnei basar (carnally-minded


Bnei Chorin (Sons of Freedom,


Bnei HaChuppah (wedding


Bnei HaKhofshiyah (Sons of

Lady Freedom, the Free Woman)

Bo'u u're'u (Come and see)

bocher, bochur (bachelor, young


boged (traitor, betrayer)

bogedim (betrayers)

Boh (Come)

boker (morning)

Boneh (Builder)

borur (obvious)

bracha (blessing)

bren (fervor, hitlahavut)

Bri'at HaOlam (the creation of

the world)

bria chadasha (a new being)

Briah (Creation)

bris milah (circumcision)

Brit (Covenant)

bubbemeises (old wives tales)

bukki (expert, meivin)

bushah (shame)

buttel (cancelled out)

BYIRAH (with fear)

byom (at day)


chachah (reproof)

chacham (wise man)

chachamim (wise ones)

chadash (new wine)

chadashot (new things)

chafetz (good pleasure)

Chag (Festival)

chai (alive)

Chag (Festival)

chai (alive)

chaiyal (soldier)

chaiyalim (soldiers)

chal (placed under obligation)

chalav (milk)

chalil (flute)

chalutzim (pioneers)

chamdanut (covetousness greed)

chamesh (five)

chamesh elafim (five thousand)

chametz (leavened bread)

chamor (donkey)

chamot (shviger, mother-in-law)

chaninah (mercy)

chap (grasp mentally, grab)

charedi (orthodox)

charon af Hashem (burning

wrath or anger of G-d)

Chas v'shalom (G-d forbid!)

chashadot merusha'im (evil


chashivut (importance,


chassidus (piety)

chassuna (wedding)

chatetz (good pleasure of his will)

chatoteinu (our sins)

chatsot halailah, chatzot

halailah (midnight)

chattaim (sins)

chattat (sin offering, sin-atoning

sacrifice, 2C 5:21)

chattoteynu (our sins)

chaver leneshek


chavrusashaft (association)

chavurah (company, fellowship,

society, those who partake of the

Paschal lamb together)

chayyah (living)

Chayyah (Beast, Anti-Moshiach)

chayyei menuchah (life of rest)

Chayyeinu (our Life)

Chayyim (life)

chayyot (beasts)

chazakim (strong ones)

chazir, chazirim (swine)

chazon (vision, revelation,


chazora (review)

cheder (room)

chedvah (rejoicing)

chefetz (desire)

chelek (allotted portion)

Chen VChesed (favor and mercy

/ lovingkindness)

chepping (annoying)

cherem (ban of destruction)

Cherem (ban)

cheresh-illem (deaf and mute)

chereshim (deaf people)

cherev (sword)

cherut (freedom)

chesed (free, unmerited favor or


cheshbon (plan, account, bill))

chet (sin)

chevlei leydah (pangs of


Chevlei Moshiach (birthpangs of


chikiah (wait)

Chillul Hashem gidduf

(desecration of the Name


chiloni (secular)

chiyuv (duty)

chizzuk (strengthening)

chochmah (wisdom)

chodashim (moons)

chodesh (month)

choiv (debt)

chok (decree / law)

choleh (sick one)

cholim (sick persons)

cholom (dream)

chomed (covetous)

chomer haDin (rigor of the


choref (winter)

chori af (burning wrath)

chori afhaba (the wrath to come)

Chorim (freedmen)

choshech (darkness)

Chosson (Bridegroom)

chotam (seal)

chote'im (sinners)

chotsh (at least)

chovah musarit (moral duty)

chozek (encouragement strength)

chukim (laws)

chumra (legalism)

churban (destruction)

chutzpah (nerve)


da'as (knowledge)

dag, dagim (fish)

dahm (blood)

daiyagim (fishermen)

darom (south)

darshan (preacher)

darshanim (preachers)

dati (religious)

daven (pray)

daverah (disobedience to the


davka (approximately)

Dayan (Judge of a Rabbinical


dayanim (religious judges)

deagot (worries, anxieties)

dehainu (being)

delatot (doors)

delet (door)

demut (image, icon)

demut (likeness)

derashot (sermons)

derech (guide)

derech (way)

Derech (Way)

Derech Hashem (Way of the

L-rd, name given to Messianic

Orthodox Judaism in the Brit


dermohn (made mention)

deror ("freedom" VAYIKRA


devash (wild honey)

deveykus (attachment to G-d)

dibur (saying, utterance)

dimyon (analogy)

din (judgment)

divrei hanevu'ah (words of


doiche (rejecting or setting aside)

dor (generation)

dorot (generations)

dov (bear)

drasha, drashah (sermon)

drakhim (ways)

Drishat Shalom (Kind Regards,


dvar (word)

dvar hora'ah (word of teaching)

dvar malchut (decree)

dvarashmah (a thing of guilt /


dvarim (words)

dvar nevuah (word of prophecy)


ed (mist)

edei re'iyah (eyewitnesses)

eder (flock)

Eder Katan (Little Flock)

edim (witnesses)

edut (testimony)

edut sheker (false testimony of

false witnesses)

eduyot (testimonies)

efsher (perhaps)

egel (calf)

ehrliche Yid (a truly pious Jew)

eidel (gentle, courteous)

eidus (witness of testimony,


eigene (personal)

ein ketz (without end)

eisek (business)

eish (fire)

Eish Gehinnom (Fire of Hell)

eish ketanah (small fire)

Eish Olam (Eternal Fire)

eishes chayil (virtuous woman)

eivot (enmities)

elef shanim (a thousand years)

elil (idol)

elilim (idols)

Em (Mother)

emes (truth)

Emes Hashem (the Truth of G-d)

emesdik (genuinely)

emunah (faith)

Enosh (man)

Eppis (for some reason)

eravon (pledge)

eres (poison, venom)

Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel)

Eretz Mitzrayim (Land of Egypt)

eretz zarah (a strange land)

erev (evening)

erlichkeit (sincerety)

Ershtins (first of all)

erusin (betrothal, engagement)

eser (ten)

Etmol (yesterday)

etz (tree)

Etz HaChayyim (the Tree of


etza (advice, wisdom)

etzem (actual)

etzim (trees)

etz teenah (fig tree)

evar katon (small member)

evarim (members, limbs)

eved (house slave, servant)

even (stone)

ever (limb, member)

evus (animal feeding trough)

eynayeem (eyes)

Eyvah (Enmity)

ezer (help)

ezrah (aid)


farbissener (mean)

farbrengen (inspirational

gathering where the Rebbe's

shirayim or leftovers are of great


fargolgung (persecution)

farnumen (preoccupied)

farnumen (set aside)

farshteit zich (of course)

fehlt (the lacking)

fergin (graciously grant)

feste (excellent)

fier zich (comport oneself)

foroisgeier (forerunner)

Fort (nevertheless)

frai (irreligious)

frum (Yiddish: observant Jew)


ga'avah (conceit, haughtiness,

arrogance, pride)

ga'avtanim (proud boasters)

Gaayonim (the Haughty ones)

gadlus (with remarkable


gadol (great)

Gahn (Garden)

ganav (thief)

ganav balailah (thief in the night)

ganavim (thieves)

gantz (exceedingly)

gantze nachon (entirely correct)

gargeer hakhitah (grain of


gartel (belt)

geder (classification)

gedolah (great)

Gedolim (Great Ones, Leaders)

gedulah (greatness)

gefeirlich (horribly)

Gelili (inhabitant of the Galil)

gelt (money)

gemul tzodek (just retribution)

genevot (thefts)

ger (proselyte)

Gerim (Proselytes)

gerush shedim (exorcism)

gerusha (divorcee)

geshem (rain)

geshmak (pleasure)

geshrai (a scream)

get (divorce)

Geulah (Redemption)

gevaltike (extraordinary)

gever (male)

Geviya, geviyah (corpse)

gevurah (miraculous power)

gevurot (mighty deeds)

gezar din (verdict)

gezel (robbery)

Gibbor (strong man)

gidduf (blasphemy)

giddufim (revilements)

gilui arayot (sexual immorality)

giyyur (proselytization)

gneyvot (thefts)

GO'EL (redeemer)

gofrit (sulfur)

Goilomim, Goilem (Foolish


goirem (driving force)

goires (listen to)

Golus (Exile)

gonvei nefesh (kidnapper / slave


gor (very)

goy (nation)

Goyim (Nations)

grahda (as a matter of fact, in


groise (eminent)

guddal (being brought up)

gufaniyut (corporeality)

gufot (bodies)

gzeira (authoritative command)


Hashem (Tetragrammaton)

ha-Shem (the Name)

ha'aretz (the earth)

Ha'aretz haHavtacha (the

Promised Land)

HaAcharon (The Last)

haAlmavet (Immortal)

haara (insight)

haaretz harishonah (the first


HaAryeh (The Lion)

HaAsarah (The Ten)

HaAv (the Father)

habah b'basar (has come in

bodily flesh)

habatzek (the dough, trans. note:

see Pesach Haggadah)

HaBechor (Firstborn)

HaBo're (the Creator)

HaBri'ah (the Creation)

HaChayyot (the living beings)

hachitzon (the outer one)

hachnosas orchim (hospitality)

hachrazah (proclamation,

kyrygma, preaching)

hadar (majesty, splendor)

hadlakah (bonfire)

hadom (footstool)

hador hazeh (this generation)

HaEmes (the Truth)

HaEmes Hashem (Truth of G-d)

hagbah (lifting up of Torah when

read in shul)

HaGedulah (Greatness)

hagefen (fruit of the vine)

HaGevurah (Might)

HaIr (The City)

HaKadosh (The Holy One)

hakarat todah (gratitude)

hakehillot (the congregations)

HaKeru'im (the

summoned/called ones)

HaKetz (the End)

hakhchashah (denial)

hakhnasah (income)

hama'amin (the believer)

HaMabbul (the Flood)

hamakkot (plagues)

HaMat`eh (the Deceiving One)

HaMechokak (Law-Giver)

HaMesim (the Dead)

hanevuah (the prophecy)

hanivzim (the despised)

haNogah (of Brightness/Venus)

har (mountain)

hara'ah (the evil)

hara'im (evil deeds)

HaRah (the Evil one)

HaReshit (The Beginning)

hareve'it, harevi'i (the fourth)

harishon, harishonah (the first)

harsha'ah (condemnation as


hartzige (heartfelt)

hasagos (aspiration)

haschala (start)

HaShemurim (the Guarded ones)

hasheni (the second)

hasheniyah (the second)

hashlishi (the third)

hashlishit (the third)

haskama (approval)

HaTachlit (The Ultimate)

hatafah (preaching)

hatov (the good)

hattohar (moral purity)

haummim (the peoples)

havamina (assumption)

havtachah (promise)

hayom (today)

heimishe mekom linah (homey

guest room, lodging place)

hemshech (remaining part)

heter (permit)

hevel (futility, vanity, emptiness,


hezber (explanation)

hinei (behold, look!)

hinnazrut (self-denial)

hisgalus (revelation, unveiling)

hishtaltut (domination, taking


hispailus (overwhelming awe)

histalkus (passing, the death of

the Moshiach in the midst of his

Redemptive Mission on the

analogy of Moses dying before he

crosses into the Promised Land, a

fundamental doctrine of

Messianic Orthodox Judaism)

hitammelut (bodily exercise or


hitarevut (meddlesomeness)

hitbagrut (maturity)

hitbodedut (seclusion, aloneness

hitkaddeshut (purification)

hitkhabrut (joining, adhesion,


hitkhadshut (regeneration,


hitlahavut (enthusiasm, fervor)

hitnahagut (conduct)

hitnahagut hatovah (good


hitstaddekut (apologetic defense)

hivvased haOlam (the

establishing of the world)

hivvased tevel (foundation of the


hod (honor)

hoda'ah (confession, admission)

hodayah (thanksgiving)

holelut (carousing)

hona'ah (swindling)

hora'ah (instruction)

horim (parents)

horiva over (analyzing)

huledet (birth)

hungerik (hungry)


idud (encouragement)

iggeret (letter)

iggrot (letters)

ikar (farmer)

ikarim (essentials)

illem (mute)

imahot (mothers)

immanu (with us)

imun (training)

innuyim (sufferings)

intifadah (uprising)

inyan (topic)

ir (city)

ish evyon (poor man, pauper)

ish hacholek (a man of division, a

divisive man)

ish riv (opponent in a lawsuit)

ish tov (good man)

ish of Emes (man of Truth)

isha chotet (a woman of sin)

isha (woman, wife)

Ish HaMufkarut (Man of


ish sefatayim (the eloquent


ishshur (approval)

isser (proscription in the Torah)

ittim (times)

itztzavim (idols, images,


ivrim (blind people)

ivvelet (foolishness)

ivver (blind man)

iyumim (threats)

iyun (investigative research)

Izzim (Goats)


k'lei (vessels)

k'li (vessel)

k'riah (call)

ka'as (anger)

kabbalah (oral tradition)

kabbalat panim (welcome)

kabtzen (beggar)

kaddachat (fever)

kadosh (holy)

kadoshim (holy ones)

kaftan (coat)

k'riah (call)

ka'as (anger)

kabbalah (oral tradition)

kabbalat panim (welcome)

kabtzen (beggar)

kaddachat (fever)

kadosh (holy)

kadoshim (holy ones)

kaftan (coat)

kahal (assembly)

kallah (bride)

kamtzan (miser)

kana'ut (zeal)

kannai (zealot)

kanous (zeal)

kapparah (place or kapporet

medium of wrath-propitiating

blood atonement sacrifice)

kaptzen (poor person)

kar (cold)

karnayim (horns)

karoz (herald)

kashefanut (sorcery, witchcraft)

kashes (questions)

kat (sect)

katon (least)

Katsir, Katzir (Harvest)

katuv (it is written)

kavanat halev (the

inner-directedness of the heart)

kavod (glory)

kavvanah ra'ah (malice)

kavvanah (heartfelt direction,


Kayits (Summer)

ke'arot (bowls)

kedushah (holiness, sanctity)

kefirah (heresy, denial)

kehillah (congregation)

kehunah (priesthood)

keilim (faculties)

kelalah (curse)

kelevim (dogs)

keli kodesh (holy vessel,


keli nivchar (chosen vessel)

ken (yes)

keneged (in opposition)

kenut (sincerity)

krav (battle)

kerem (vineyard)

Keren Yeshuah (Horn of


keriah (ritual tearing)

kes (throne)

keseder (constantly)

kesher (conspiracy, plot)

keshet be'anan (rainbow,


Keshi (stubbornness, hardness)

kesil, kesilim (fool[s])

kesut rosh (head covering)

keta (section)

ketanim (small ones)

keter (crown)

ketoret (incense)

Ketz (End)

Ketzinim (Officers)

kevalim (chains)

kevarim (graves, tombs)

kevasim, kevesim (sheep)

kever (tomb)

ki hu zeh (a small amount)

kibbud (respect, honor)

kibush hayetzer (self-control)

kikar (loaf)

kina (lament, funeral dirge)

kina (jealousy, envy)

kinderyohrn (childhood days)

Kisei Moshe (Chair of Moses)

kishshuf (magic, sorcery)

kishufim (sorceries)

kisot (thrones)

Kisse Din (judgment seat)

Kissei Kavod (Glorious Throne)

kitot (sects)

kittel (white robe)

klalah (curse)

klap (blow)

klapei (concerning)

klei kodesh (holy vessels,


kleir (deliberating)

klezmer (musician)

kluhr (obvious)

kluhr (pure)

ko'ach (power)

kodem (preceding)

kodesh (holy)

kofer (ransom, pedut)

koferim ba-ikkarim (deniers of


kokhav (star)

kokhavim, kochavim (stars)

kol ayin (every eye)

kol basar (all flesh)

kol davar (everything)

kol gadol (loud voice)

kol hanivrah (all creation)

kol melo (all the plentitude)

kol poalei resha (all workers of


kol sheker (every falsehood)

Kol etz (every tree)

kolot (sounds)

komah (short of stature)

korban chai (living sacrifice)

korban (dedicated to G-d,


korbanot (sacrifices)

Korem (vineyard proprietor)

koremim (vine-keepers)

kos (cup)

kotz (thorn, splinter)

kotzerim (harvesters)

kozvim (liars)

kri'ah (calling)

kri'ah betzibbur (congregational

public reading)

krovey mishpachot (relatives)

krovim (relatives)

krum (deviant)

kviusdik (constant)


l'olam (forever)

lailah (night)

lamdan (a Torah scholar with

prodigious knowledge)

lashav (in vain)

lashon horah (evil speech)

lashon (tongue)

lavan (white)

lechem (food, bread)

lechem ha'amitti (the true bread)

lechem chukeinu ("our daily

bread," Mt. 6:11)

Lechem HaPanim (the Bread of

the Presence)

leitzonus (mockery, fun)

Lemaskana (finally)

lernen (Torah learning, study)

leshonot (tongues--1C 14:13)

letzim, leitzim (mockers/scorners,

coarse jesting)

lev (heart)

lev rogez (anxious heart)

levavot (hearts

lichora (apparently)

limin (at the right hand)

limmud (instruction)

lismol (at the left hand)

lo poreh (unfruitful)

loin (wages)

Loit (according to)

lomdes (cleverness, erudition)

lomdish (intricate and

complicated to understand)

lu yetzuuyar (assuming)

luach (tablet)


Ma'al (Betrayal)

Ma'amad HaBanim (the

standing as sons)

ma'aminim (believers)

ma'arav (west)

ma'arav (ambush)

ma'aseh haemunah (work of


ma'aseh tov (good deed)

ma'asei haChoshech (works of


ma'aser (tithe)

ma'asim (works)

ma'asim hara'im (evil deeds)

ma'asim hamitzvot (works of the


ma'asim metim (dead works)

ma'asim tovim (good deeds,


ma'avak (struggle)

ma'ayanot (springs, sources)

ma'on (permanent residence)

ma'ot chittim (money for wheat

financial contributions)

maoz (fortress)

maamadot (contributions)

maamin Meshichi (Messianic


maasros (tithe)

mabbul (flood)

machalifei hakesafim


machaloket (controversy)

machaloket (division of


machanot (encamping armies)

machla (illness)

machlokot (divisions of


machmir (stickler)

machovim (sorrows)

machsh'vot (thoughts)

machshavah (thought)

machshelah (ruin)

machshiv (respect)

machsor (shortage, want)

madduchei shav (false

enticement, delusion)

madon (strife, quarrel)

mafte'ach (key)

maggid (darshan,preacher)

makhaneh (camp)

makhar (tomorrow)

makkah (plague)

makor (fountain)

malach (angel)

malachim (angels)

malbush (clothing)

male No'am (full of pleasantness)

malkah (queen)

Malkosh (Spring rain)

malon (inn)

Malshin (Informer, Accuser)

mamashus (real worth)

mamlechot (kingdoms)

Mammon (Money)

manhigim (leaders)

manhigut (leadership)

manhigut ruchanit (spiritual

leadership / administration)

manoach (resting place)

mareh (vision)

marot (visions)

marut (authority, rule)

masah (trial)

Mashgiach Ruchani (Spiritual


mashkeh (drink)

maskana (outcome)

maso panim (favoritism,


masoret (tradition)

masot (trials / temptations)

matanah (gift)

matanot (gifts)

matanot tovot (good gifts)

matarah (objective)

mateh (deceiver)

matnat kesef (gift of money)

matnat hachesed (free gift of


Matnat HaTzedakah (the gift of


matsevot (gravestones)

matsli'ach (successful)

mattah (below)

mattanah (free gift)

matzot (unleavened bread)

matzpun (conscience)

matzpun naki (clear conscience)

mavet (death)

mavo (introduction)

mayim (water)

mazikim (malicious spirits)

me'ah vchamishim ushloshah

(one hundred and fifty three)

me'onot (dwelling places,

permanent residences, homes)

me'ushar (blessedness)

meah kevasim (a hundred sheep)

meayen (engaged in research)

mechabed (honor)

mechila (pardon, forgiveness)

Mechitzah (the dividing partition)

medakdeke (painstakingly


mefakkechim (stewards,

me'ushar (blessedness)

meah kevasim (a hundred sheep)

meayen (engaged in research)

mechabed (honor)

mechila (pardon, forgiveness)

Mechitzah (the dividing partition)

medakdeke (painstakingly


mefakkechim (stewards,


mefarsem (make known)

megadef (reviler)

megadefim (revilers)

megareia (weakened)

meid (provide testimony, attest)

mekabel (receiving, accepting)

mekanne (jealous, envious)

Mekhonen (Founder)

mekom megurim (dwelling


mekom linah (guest room)

mekor (basis)

mekor (passage, citation)

melach (salt)

melachah (work)

melachim (kings)

melammed (instructor)

Melech (King)

melitz echad (one mediator,


43:27; cf. DEVARIM 5:5,22-31)

melo (plentitude)

memayet (precluded, excluded)

memshalah (government,


mena'afim (adulterers)

menuchah (resting place)

meorer (point out, rekindle

stimulate, motivate, shtarken)

Mered (revolt, uprising)

merirut lev (bitterness)

merit (zechus)

merivah (strife)

merkavot (chariots)

mesader (arrange, place in


meshabed (caused to be


meshalim (parables)

Meshalle'ach (Sender)

mesharet (minister, servant)

mesharetim (ministers, servants)

meshichei sheker (false


meshubad (obligated)

meshummad (apostate)

mesibot (parties)

mesim (deceased ones)

Messianic hatafah (preaching


mesupak (uncertain, doubting)

metohar (purified)

metoharim (clean)

metsakhim (foreheads)

metzorah (a leper)

metzoraim (lepers)

mevugar (mature)

mevugarim (mature ones, adults)

meyayesh (despairing)

mezarez (a spur into action)

mezimma (evil design, intrigue)

michshol (stumbling block)

michsholim (stumbling blocks)

michyah (subsistence) .

midah hatov (the attribute of


midas chasidus (quality of piety)

midbar (wilderness)

midrash (homiletical

interpretation of the Scriptures,


mifkad (census)

migdal (tower)

mikhla (fold [enclosure])

milah (circumcision)

milchamot (wars)

mimeila (consequently, as a


minhag (custom)

minut (heresy, Apostasy)

mir'eh (pasture)

mirmah (deceit)

mishcha (ointment)

Mishkan (Tabernacle)

mishma'at (obedience)

mishpat (judgment)

mishpatim (judgments)

mishpat mavet (a death


mishpochah (family)

mishpokhot (relatives)

mishpoyel (standing in awe)

Mishrah (Rule)

mishtatef (involved, joining)

mispar (number)

mitamuhl (suddenly)

mitarev (meddlesome)

mitnagged (opponent)

mitnaggedim (opponents)

Mitzbe'ach, (altar)

mitznefet (head wrapping)

mitzvah, mitzvoh

(commandment, good deed)

mitzvot (divine commandments

given by Hashem to Moshe

Rebbenu, divine commandments)

mizmor (hymn, psalm)

mizrach (east)

mo'adim (fixed


mochesim (tax-collectors)

mochiach (one arbitrator)

Modeh Ani (I give thanks)

mofet (example, role model)

moftim (miracles, wonders)

moineia (prevented)

moked (fire)

morech lev (cowardliness)

moreh (teacher)

mori (my teacher)

moshav hashafel (low seat)

Moshel (Governor)

moshelim (governors)

Moshi'a (Savior)

Moshieynu (our Deliverer)

moshlim (rulers)

mufkarim (lawless ones)

mumim (defects)

murshe (proxy)

musar (teaching with an ethical


nafsheinu (our souls)

Naggar (Carpenter)

nakam (vengeance)

namer (leopard)

naniach (supposing)

narrishkait (foolishness)

Nashim (wives)

navi (prophet)

ne'eman (faithful)

ne'emanah (reliable)

ne'emanot (faithful)

ne'emanut (faithfulness,

trustworthiness, reliability)

ne'evad (lost, perish, be ruined

with destruction)

nechalim (deceitfulness)

nechamah (comfort)

nechashim (serpents)

nedavot (donations)

neder (vow)

nederim (vows)

nedivut (generosity, kindness)

neeman (faithful)

nefashot (souls)

neharot (rivers)

nehneh (benefit)

nekevah (female)

nesekh (libation wine)

nesharim (vultures, eagles


nesher (eagle)

neshikah (kiss)

nessuim (marriage)

nevalim (harps)

nevel (harp)

Nevi'im (the Prophets)

neviah (prophetess)

nevu'ah (prophecy)

nevu'ot (prophecies)

nevuah (prophecy)

nichbad (noble)

nichbadim (dignitaries)

niflaot (wonders)

niftar (deceased, dead)

niftarim (deceased ones)

nifteret (deceased person)

nikar (evident)

nisayon (trial, temptation)

nisayonos (tests, trials)

nishba'im lasheker (perjurers)

nissayon (temptation)

nissim (miracles)

nistar (hidden, in secret)

nisu'im (marriage)

nisyonos (temptations)

nisyonot (temptations)

nitzachon (victory)

nitzrach (needy)

niuf (adultery)

niufim (adulteries)

nivcharim (chosen ones)

nivra (anything created)

No'efot (Adulterers)

noch (still)

noiheg (habitually)

nokhri (foreigner)

Nu (Well)


ochel (eater)

od zman (more time)

Of haShomayim (birds of


ogen (anchor)

ohavei kesef (lovers of money)

ohavei ta'anugot (lovers of


No'efot (Adulterers)

noch (still)

noiheg (habitually)

nokhri (foreigner)

Nu (Well?)


ochel (eater)

od zman (more time)

Of haShomayim (birds of


ofen ort (immediately)

ogen (anchor)

ohavei kesef (lovers of money)

ohavei ta'anugot (lovers of


ohavei kesef (lovers of money)

ohev riv (quarrelsome)

ohev es haTov (a lover of the


ohevet shalom (peace-loving)

oholim (tents)

ohr (light)

Oib azoi (consequently)

oif eibik (forever)

oisgehalten (trustworthy)

oisher (rich man, ashir)

ois vaist (ostensibly)

okhel (food)

ol (yoke)

olalim, ollelim (infants)

Olam (world)

Olamim (Ages)

oman (artist)

Omein (Amen, so be it, surely)

omenet (governess)

ometz lev (boldness)

omnot (governesses)

onesh (punishment, penalty)

onesh mavet (the death penalty)

oni (poverty)

oniyah (sailing vessel)

orchim ratzuy (welcome guests)

ormah (cunning)

oseh ra'ah (an evil doer)

osher (riches)

ot (miraculous sign)

otot (signs)

otzar (treasury) ,

otzarot (treasures)

ovdei elilim (idolaters)

Oy (Woe)

oyev (enemy)

oyevim, oyvim (enemies)

oz (power)

ozen, oznayim (ear, ears)

ozer (helper)

ozrim (helpers)


p'ri (fruit)

pachad, pakhad (fear, terror)

padut (redemption)

pakad (visit)

parim (young bulls)

parnasah (livelihood)

parochet (curtain)

pasach (passing over, letting go

the penalty of)

paskudneh (contemptible)

patur (exempt, free)

pe'ulot (works)

pedut (redemption, Geulah

release on payment of ransom)

peh (mouth)

pekuddat (stewardship, care)

peledike (marvelous)

penemer (faces)

perot (fruits)

Perushim (Pharisees)

peruta (small coin)

peshat (plain, literal)

petach (doorway)

peysha (transgression)

peysha'im (transgressions,


pikkadon (deposit)

pisechim (lame persons)

pisei'ach (lame man)

pitron (interpretation)

pitronim (interpretations)

platke-machers (gossipy


plotst (burst)

pnimiyus (inner most)

po'alim (workers)

poel (worker)

poshe'im (the ones transgressing /


poshei'a (transgressor)

posher (lukewarm)

praht (detail)

pri (fruit)

pshat (rationale)

ptur (excuse)

punkt (exactly)


ra'a, ra'ah, rah (evil)

ra'am gadol (loud thunder)

Ra'av (Famine)

ra'im (evil, evil ones)

rabbim (many)

rachamanut (compassion, mercy)

rachamim (mercy)

rachmanim (mercy)

ragel hayemanit (right foot)

raglayim (feet)

raot (evil)

rashah (an evildoer)

rashei hamoshavot (chief seats)

Rashei Hakohanim (Chief


rashuyot (authorities)

ratzchaniyot (murderers)

ratzon (will)

ravrevan (braggart)

ravrevanut (boastfulness)

raz (mystery,secret)

razim (mysteries)

re'a (neighbor)

rechilus (gossip)

redifah (persecution)

redifot (persecutions)

refuah (healing)

refuot (healings)

regel (foot)

rehkov (street) .

rehkovot (streets)

reim (friends)

remiyah (guile, deceit)

resha (wickedness)

resha'im (unrighteous, evildoers)

reshet (net)

reshit (first)

reshus (authorization)

retzach (murder)

retzichot (murders)

retzinut (earnestness)

revach (gain, profit)

revachah (relief)

Reyka (Good for nothing!)

Richtik (correct)

riezige (sizable)

Rishonim (first ones)

Ro'eh (Shepherd)

rofeh (physician)

rogez (anger)

roiv (the larger portion)

rosh (head)

rotzeach (murderer)

rotzeachim (murderers)

ruach (wind, Spirit)

ruach anavah (humble spirit)

Ruchanit (Spiritual, of the Ruach


ruchaniyut (spirituality in Rebbe,

Melech HaMoshiach)

ruchot raot (evil spirits)

ruchot hatemeiot (unclean



s'michah (ordination)

sachar (reward)

sadeh (field)

sadot (fields)

sakanot mavet (mortal danger)

sakkim (sackcloth)

Samael (the devil)

samchut (authority)

sanhedriyot (local councils/bet

din courts)

sar (ruler)

sarig (shoot, branch)

sarisim (eunuchs)

sasson (joy)

savlanut (patient endurance)

schnorrer's (beggar's)

sdeh krav (battlefield)

se'irim (goats)

sefer (book)

sefer katan (small book)

sefer keritut (bill of divorcement)

seichel (good sense,


selicha (forgiveness)

seqilah (stoning)

sereifah (death by burning)

seudah (banquet)

seudot (banquet dinners)

sha'ah, shaah (hour, time)

sha'ot (hours)

shaar hatzarut (gate of


shachat (corruption)

Shaddai (the Almighty)

shadkhan (marriage-broker)

shaichus (closeness, friendship,


shakhor (black)

shakran (liar)

resha (wickedness)

resha'im (unrighteous, evildoers)

reshet (net)

reshit (first)

reshus (authorization)

retzach (murder)

retzichot (murders)

retzinut (earnestness)

revach (gain, profit)

revachah (relief)

Reyka (Good for nothing!)

Richtik (correct)

riezige (sizable)

Rishonim (first ones)

Ro'eh (Shepherd)

rofeh (physician)

rogez (anger)

roiv (the larger portion)

rosh (head)

rotzeach (murderer)

rotzeachim (murderers)

ruach (wind, Spirit)

ruach anavah (humble spirit)

Ruchanit (Spiritual, of the Ruach


ruchaniyut (spirituality in Rebbe,

Melech HaMoshiach)

ruchot raot (evil spirits)

ruchot hatemeiot (unclean



s'michah (ordination)

sachar (reward)

sadeh (field)

sadot (fields)

sakanot mavet (mortal danger)

sakkim (sackcloth)

Samael (the devil)

samchut (authority)

sanhedriyot (local councils/bet

din courts)

sar (ruler)

sarig (shoot, branch)

sarisim (eunuchs)

sasson (joy)

savlanut (patient endurance)

schnorrer's (beggar's)

sdeh krav (battlefield)

se'irim (goats)

sefer (book)

sefer katan (small book)

sefer keritut (bill of divorcement)

seichel (good sense,


selicha (forgiveness)

seqilah (stoning)

sereifah (death by burning)

seudah (banquet)

seudot (banquet dinners)

sha'ah, shaah (hour, time)

sha'ot (hours)

shaar hatzarut (gate of


shachat (corruption)

Shaddai (the Almighty)

shadkhan (marriage-broker)

shaichus (closeness, friendship,


shakranim (liars)

shalem b'guf (healthy)

shalitim (rulers)

shalom (peace)

shalosh (three)

shalosh paamim (three times)

shanah, shanim (year, years)

sharsherot (chains / fetters)

shawkling (ritual swaying while


shayach (conceivable)

shchenim (neighbors)

she'arim (gates)

she'elah (question)

she'erit (remnant, remainder)

shebalev (inwardly)

Shechinah, Shekhinah (glorious

presence of G-d)

shed (demon / evilspirit)

shedim (demons)

sheelah (question)

sheelot (kashes, questions)

sheerit (remnant)

shefach dahm (the shedding of


shein (beautiful)

sheker (falsehood, lies)

sheketz (abomination)

sheketz tameh (unclean creature)

sheleimah (complete)

shelemut (perfection,


shem (name)

shem tov (good name)

shemen mishchah (anointing oil)

shemen (oil)

shemesh (sun)

shemitah (fallow)

shemot (names)

shenayim (two)

Sheol (abode of the dead)

sherut (service in the Beis


sheva (seven)

shevach, shevakh (praise,


shevarim (oxen)

shevet (tribe)

shevu'ah (oath)

shevuot (oaths)

sheynah (sleep)

sheynit (a second time)

shfakhot (maid servants)

shichrut (drunkenness)

shiebud (obligation)

shifcha, shifchah (bond maid)

shiflut (lowliness)

shiggot haAm (unintentional sins

of the people)

shikkor (drunkard)

shikkorim (drunkards)

shilton (rule)

Shir Chadash (New Song)

shirayim (Rebbe's remainders)

shiryon kaskasim (coat of scale


shiur (lesson, Torah talk)

shiurim (lessons, Torah talks)

shiva (seven)

shivim (seventy)

shkoyach (well done)

shleimut (perfection, completion)

shliach (one sent)

Shliach (emissary)

Shlichus (Divine mission)

shlishit (third)

shlita (control)

shlitah atzmi (self-control)

shloshah (three)

Shluchim (emissaries of the

Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach)

Shmad (Anti-Moshiach apostasy,

apostate, destructive departure)

shmattes (tatters, rags)

Shmo (His Name)

shmonah asar (eighteen)

shnayim (two)

Shneym Asar (Twelve)

shochvim es zachar


shoded (robber)

shodedim (robbers)

shofetim (judges)

Shoin (already)

shomer (on guard)

shomer masoret (religious


shomrim (guards)

shoresh (root)

Shoshvin (the Chosson's best


shot (whip)

shoteh (fool)

shoter (law official)

shprach (diction)

shrekliche (terrible)

shtaig (working my way up,

advancing, progressing)

shtark (steadfastly)

shtats (imposing, impressive)

shtein (Stop)

shter (bother)

shtetl (Jewish village)

shtetlach (towns)

shtey karnayim (two horns)

shtiklech (misconduct) ,

shtreimel (expensive hat)

shud (misfortune)

shulchan (table)

shulchanot (tables)

shuls (synagogues)

shuttafim (partners)

shuttafut (partnership)

shvakh (commendation)

shvateem, shvatim (tribes)

shver (complex)

sichlut (foolishness)

sikhliyut (rationality)

siman (sign, indication)

simcha (joy)

sin'ah (hatred)

sinas chinom (baseless hatred)

sirah (boat)

sitnah (accusation)

sivlot (sufferings of; sevalot pl.)

skikuy (drink)

smolit (left)

sochen (steward/estate manager

)sodot (mysteries)

sofer (scribe, Torah-teacher,


Sofrim (Scribes)

soimech (confident, putting their

trust and being dependent)

soivel (bearing with)

Soneh (Hater)

Soreg (barrier of the holy


sorrut (rebelliousness /


soterim (policemen)

stam (elementary)

stater (coin)

sterntichel (kerchief)

sus (horse)

susim (horses)


ta'anug (evil pleasure)

ta'anugot (evil pleasures)

ta'avah (evil desire/lust)

ta'avot (lusts)

taavah (lust)

tacharut (competition)

tachlis (purpose)

tachrichim, tachrichin (burial


tag (ornamental flourish)

tahor (clean)

takif (influential man)

tameh (unclean)

tamei (profane, unclean)

tamim (faultless)

tarnegol (cock)

tata (papa)

tav (mark)

tavnit (pattern / copy, SHEMOT


techinnah (petition, supplication)

Techiyah (Resurrection)

tefillos (prayers)

tehom gedolah (a great abyss,


Tehom (Abyss)

tehorah (pure)

tehorim (clean)

tekufa (era, period)

tekumah (revival)

telunnah (murmuring)

tema'im (unclean)

temarim (palms)

teretz (excuse)

terumah (contribution)

terumah haissa (portion, offering

of the dough)

terutz (excuse)

teshukot (desires)

teshuva (repentance, turning

from sin to G-d)

teva (nature)

Teva (Ark)

tevel (world)

tevilah (immersion)

tevunah (wisdom)

tief (deep and profound, erudite,


tiferet (splendor, beauty)

tihur (purification)

tikkun (restoration, repair)

tikvah (hope)

tikvateinu (our hope)

timtum halev (hardening of the


tipesh (idiot)

tipshus (foolery)

tipus (type, pattern)

tish (table)

tishen (tables)

tizkoret (reminder)

to'evah (abomination)

tochnit (master plan)

todah (thanks)

toeva (abomination)

tohorah (purification)

tohu vavohu (disorder, chaos)

toitzaa (outcome)

tokhechah (reproof)

toldot (genealogies)

torah (teaching)

torud (completely absorbed and


tous ritztzuy (reconciliation)

tov (good)

tov l'teshuva (fruit worthy of


tovim (good ones)

tovot (good things)

toyus (error)

trombeniks (gluttons)

tshuka (yearning)

Tsur (Rock)

tugah (sadness)

tum'a (uncleanness, impurity)

tza'ar (pain and suffering)

tzad (side)

tzaddik (righteous man)

tzaddikim (righteous ones)

tzafon (north)

tzar (narrow)

tzarah (trouble)

Tzarah Gedolah (Great


tzarut ayin (envyings)

tzavva'a (will)

tzechok (laughter)

tzedakah (contribution)

tzedek (righteousness)

Tzedukim (Sadducees)

tzelamim (idols)

tzelem (image)

tzevi'ut (hypocrisy)

Tzevua (hypocrite)

tzevuim (hypocrites)

tzfarde'im (frogs)

Tzidkat (righteousness)

tzive'ot zarim (armies of the


tziveot haparashim (troops of


tznius (modesty)

tzom, tzomot (fast, fastings)

tzon (flock)

tzorich iyun (unresolved


tzoros (troubles)

tzufloigen (dazed)

tzufriedenkait (contentment)

tzushtel (comparison)


ugeret (easily seen, evident)


yad (hand)

Yahadut (Judaism)

yaldah (girl)

yam (sea)

yamim (days)

yamim mikedem (earlier days)

yare'ach (moon)

yashar mishpat (righteous


yashar (straight)

yashir (straight)

yashrus (justice)

yatzdik (justify)

yayin (wine)

ye'ush (despair)

yechidus (private meeting of the

Rebbe with his Chassidim)

Yehudi (Jew)

Yehudim (Jews)

yekev (winepress)

yeled (child

yerida (to descend back, return)

yerushah (inheritance)

yeshanot (old things)

yeshuah (rescue, salvation,


yesod (foundation)

yesodot (rudiments)

yetomim (orphans)

yetzurim (creatures)

yetzurim hayam (creatures of the


Yevani (Greek)

Yevanim (Greeks)

yi'ud merosh (predestination)

yichus (lineage)

yirah (fear)

yisurim (sufferings, torments)

yold (fool)

yom (day)

yom yom (daily)

yonah (dove)

yonim (doves)

Yoreh (first Autumn rain)

yoreshim (heirs)

yoshen (oldness)

yosher (rectitude)

Yotzer (Creator)

yunge Leit (young people)


zach (thing)

zachar (male)

zahav (gold)

Zaken (Elder)

zamlet (collect)

zannay (fornicator)

zannayim (fornicators)

zar (stranger, foreigner)

zarim (strangers, foreigners)

zchus (merit, privileged)

ze'ev (wolf)

ze'evim (wolves)

Zekenim (Elders)

zelba (same)

zemanniyim (temporary)

zemirot (table songs)

zenunim (fornications)

zenut (fornication)

zera (seed)

zerizut (diligence)

zevakhim (sacrifices)

zicher (certain)

zichron (memory)

zikaron (remembrance)

zikkuy (acquittal)

zililut da'as (sober-mindedness)

zimah (lewdness)

zimmah (lewdness, sensuality)

zitzfleisch (patience)

zman (time)

zmanim (seasons)

zolel (glutton)

zoneh (fornicator)

zonim (sexually immoral)

zonot (prostitutes)

zrizus (reliability)