I want to speak about the Dever ("pandemic").  You know when the Jewish people on April  the 8th at 6:00 PM, when they  are quarantined and there's a plague  (Hebrew: Dever) outside their door and 2020 is really like the Exodus in Egypt because there's literally pandemic Dever death outside your door and there's all this sitting around self quarantined trying to do a Passover  Seder with a surgical mask on, and because the whole world now has a problem with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, especially the pale greenish horse killing 1/4 of the earth with, among other things, Dever (דֶבֶר

Dever, Pestilence, see https://biblehub.com/ojhb/matthew/24.htm

Matthew 24:7 λοιμοι  pestilences Orthodox Jewish Hebrew Bible, also see Revelation 6:8; Matthew 24:7 KJV  https://www.afii.org/OJB.pdf ) And when they come to a  certain point in the Passover Seder they take the  spoon and they spill the wine blood on the plate and that wine blood is דֶבֶר (Dever, pestilence, pandemic). And Wednesday night they know that if they go outside, the pestilence is literally out there waiting for them to kill them.  And there are  literally tens of thousands of people  dying right now and the government is telling you, Don't go outside, and if you go outside there are going to  be people who die; and if you want to save  lives, stay inside! So when I go through  Crown Heights and I put the four  spiritual laws in Yiddish and English http://artistsforisrael.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/YidEngJbUSw170125.pdf all over that  neighborhood, and the sun goes down, there won't be any Chabadniks Lubavitchers  or Jewish people outside to bother me  and say you cannot put that on our  doorstep. And we don't want the Lubavitcher Bible you translated for us, The Orthodox Jewish Bible!  No, I will be unimpeded because they have to be self quarantined and off the streets.  Why? Because there's a pale  gray horse with the yellow greenish color of decay, the pallor of death, and death is stalking the streets and 1/4 of the earth is doomed with this fourth seal of death in Revelation chapter 6. But we must pray that they will see that unless the blood of the Lamb is on your doorposts you're in  trouble and if you go outside there's a  pandemic waiting for you, there's a  plague waiting for you, the Angel of  Death is out there, you're going to be taken out, unless you stay inside under the blood (Isaiah 53:7, the Messiah Lamb, the Great Lamb who suffers the burden of the sins of the world and takes away or bears away נָשָׂא

 sin and its guilt by expiation kaporah through the offering of himself, John 1:29)

And then, after that, on the road to Emmaus there are a couple of disciples and they unwittingly talk with Him and then He goes into the house with them and it says in Luke  chapter 24 verse 30-31 "And their eyes were  opened" and they recognized Him and He disappeared from their sight. He dematerialized. And remember the tachrichin (הַתַּכְרִיכִין

shrouds) around Lazarus made it necessary for him to hop out (Yochanan 11:44) of the  tomb when Yeshua said, "Lazarus, come forth!"  Because Lazarus was bound head and foot and  also he had the mitznefet מִצְנֶפֶת

shroud around his  head, the head shroud. Remember, you cannot  unbind yourself if you're in a mummy-like encasement, if you're tied by strips of  linen cloth, this is one escape no Houdini can do.  Remember, the  reason Yochanan came to faith as he  looked into the empty tomb and he saw  that the tachrichin had collapsed like a deflated balloon and the niftar (deceased person, Yeshua) had obviously dematerialized (Luke 24:31) and then had materialized just like in Luke chapter 24 verse 31 and he then placed the head shroud (mitznefet) that  was around his head to the side after he had neatly folded it. And when Yochanan the beloved disciple examined this aftermath in the empty tomb, he believed.  And later when Yochanan and the 9, Thomas being absent, Judas being dead, were self-quarantined in the Upper Room, greatly afraid, with the door locked, the Lamb who had taken away their sins, materialized in their presence, saying Shalom Alechim (Luke 24:36), meaning, that with their sacrificed Lamb and His Blood covering their household, they had peace inside their quarantine and, and in spite of Death stalking the streets, they would not see death (John 8:51). For His blood took away all the sinful deeds  that they had done that were written  down, that couldn't be removed any other way, making it possible for their  name to be written down in the Lamb's Sefer Chayim (Book of Life, Revelation 20:12-15).  It says in Luke 24:31 that  their eyes  were opened and we're praying that the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox will be opened when it is truly apprehended who the Seh HaElokim (Lamb of God) is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEgmfEgjxxw